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Grief Support

There is no getting over it but there is getting through it. And I am here to help. My sessions are a casual, comfortable, and safe space where we can talk, cry, and laugh (yes, we laugh too!) through it all. I will help you identify and understand you grief and give you the practical tools you need to carry it with you in a healthy way so you can participate and move forward in you life.


My sessions are available for those suffering any loss: human or pet.

Appointments are virtual so as long as you have an internet connection, we can meet no matter where you are.

End of Life Care

Everyone deserves peace and dignity at the end of life and no one should die alone (unless they want to). As an End of Life Caregiver, I help my clients find physical and emotional comfort during their remaining days, I provide emotional and practical support, and help them navigate the countless service and care options available. In these precious last moments, I am a compassionate presence to help guide and support the dying (and their loved ones) through, and will remain to assist those left behind.

Services include:

  • Bedside companion

  • Palliative massage

  • Patient advocacy

  • End-of-life planning (e.g., completing paperwork, documenting last wishes, exploring options for care, assisting with goodbyes, setting up comforting spaces, etc.)

  • After-death planning (e.g., services, funerals, aftercare, and burial options)

  • Legacy projects

Walk & Talk

Getting outdoors for a walk is a great way to get thoughts and feelings to rise to the surface. Fresh air, nature trails or urban landscapes, all have a way of encouraging clarity in our thoughts. Plus, a change of scenery is always nice! Let’s get out and go for a walk.   

Some restrictions apply.

Ask me for details.

Rates available upon request. Please note these services are not covered by insurance.

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