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About me

I am a Grief Support Specialist and an End of Life Caregiver (aka, death doula). I was called to this work by way of my own experiences with grief, death, and loss. While processing my own grief, I discovered the intense desire to help others and knew I’d found my calling. That’s when I devoted myself to professional training, received my certifications, and jumped in to help. My goal is to help individuals on their own very unique journeys and also to help shift society’s perception of these topics from taboo and frightening to facts of life and facets of love.


How can I help you? 

More about me:

  • Black coffee is one of my greatest joys.

  • I am a musician and spent many years as a professional recording/gigging/touring musician.

  • I was also a philosopher and research scientist. Yes, really! And I still love thought puzzles.

  • I am a lifelong pet/animal lover. I live with two tiny black cats named Vincent and Paul. 

  • Food, music, movies, and dancing are some of my greatest passions. 

  • Spending time with friends and family, especially over a great meal, is my favorite thing of all. 

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