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Maria Capolupo

Grief Support Specialist
End of Life Caregiver


About Me

I am a Grief Support Specialist and an End of Life Caregiver (aka, death doula). I was called to this work...

"Grief is love with no place to go"

Jaime Anderson


Autumn Leaves

Grief Support

There is no getting over it, but there is getting through it. It is my honour to help you learn how.

End of Life Care

Compassionate End of Life Care for those with a terminal diagnosis or End of Life planning for anyone wishing to plan ahead. 

Walk & Talk

Getting outside for fresh air and a walk is a great way to get thoughts and feelings to rise to the surface. 


Maria has been a godsend to me. After losing my mother, then my job, then Covid! I started to spiral. My friends expressed their concerns and begged me to talk to someone. Then my best friend connected me with Maria and my life has started to turn around. I’m learning to find joy and happiness and learning to be ok with the need to have my downtime away from friends. I look forward to our weekly sessions and am so grateful for her guidance, empathy & support. I have felt a shift and it’s positive!

-- Kim

After suffering a devastating loss of my four year old cousin, I reached out to Maria for help. Maria guided me through my grieving process with integrity and honesty.She listened and validated my feelings. She reassured me that it was ok to feel whatever it was I was feeling, be it sadness, anger or deep despair and even happiness. While grief is a process, she helped me understand it was not a linear one. No one person grieves the same way or follows the same process and that I would move through my grief in my own time. She helped me understand that I could still feel happiness, joy and even smile and laugh without feeling guilty. And that it was okay, even healing to talk about the person who was gone. I am so grateful for her.  Now, most days when I think of my cousin, I smile and laugh at who she was, remembering her silliness and her big heart and I cannot thank Maria enough for that gift.

-- Angela

Maria is an incredible soul. Her wisdom and ability to help me reach inward has been a blessing to my healing. They say grief is something you can carry for a lifetime and with Maria’s help, I have accepted grief as transformative and something to be carried with beauty and healing as opposed to darkness. My losses had felt insurmountable until I met her. Her perspective and ability to turn something painful into something beautiful is a gift I will carry with me into any journey I encounter with grief in my life. She’s a blessing to this profession and to the world. Period.

-- Lucas

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"We are all just walking each other home." 

Ram Dass

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